Lucas Marguilis

Lucas Marguilis

High Bar

Founder & Innovator

Lucas Margulis is a dynamic professional with a background spanning entertainment, fashion, and events. He ventured into entrepreneurship after organizing events in Canada and the USA, launching successful clothing lines before establishing PURE Entertainment in 2014.

As the founder, Lucas revolutionizes Canada’s party experiences with PURE Entertainment, offering high-energy line dances, live music stations, and team party activities.

Lucas integrated cannabis into events with HIGH BAR, conceptualized in 2015 and fully realized after cannabis legalization in 2018. HIGH BAR became the first company in Canada to offer cannabis-related services at wedding receptions in 2018.

Under LUCREATIVE, Lucas oversees digital marketing, product design, manufacturing, website development, and social media for PURE and HIGH BAR, infusing creativity into marketing and earning international acclaim.

Lucas’s achievements include being named one of BizBash’s Must-know Event Professionals in 2021 and one of Canada’s top 250 influential event professionals in 2022. He received acknowledgment by Eventex in 2023, featuring in esteemed lists like The 100 Most Influential People in the Events Industry.