Sharon Bonner

Sharon Bonner

Bright Ideas Events

Founder and CEO

Sharon Bonner is a highly acclaimed Event Producer, Event Strategy Consultant, and Published Author. Since 1988, she has been the driving force behind Bright Ideas Event Agency, earning numerous awards and nominations for her outstanding work in event production.

In October 2022, Sharon expanded her expertise by launching Sharon Bonner Consulting, offering clients top-notch event production services. Her dedication to excellence was recognized when she received the prestigious Woman to Watch Award in March 2023 for her impactful contributions to the events industry.

Additionally, Sharon was nominated as a Woman of Inspiration in June 2023, with the gala taking place in Toronto on April 4, 2024. With an impressive 57 event nominations and 44 event awards to her name, Sharon is widely regarded as one of the top Event Producers in Canada.

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